Kitsap Fresh 

Shipping and Handling Policy 

1.) Kitsap Fresh does not ship any product nor does Kitsap Fresh handle for shipping any product. 

2.) Kitsap Fresh does deliver orders for "pick up" to pre-determined customer chosen locations. 

3.) Pick up Locations have pre-determined hours, orders must be pick up during these pick-up hours. 

4.) Orders not pick-up on time are forfeited. 



Kitsap Fresh 

Refund / Cancellation Policy 


1.) Customers have until 2pm Thursday of the ordering cycle to inform Kitsap Fresh of any missing, damaged or sub-par items. 

2.) Kitsap Fresh will not charge you for items that were missing, damaged or sub-par if we are informed about them by 2pm Thursday of the ordering cycle. 

3.) After 2pm Thursday of the ordering cycle Kitsap Fresh will charge the credit card associated with the order. 


1.) Orders must be cancelled before midnight on Monday of the ordering cycle. 
2.) Orders must be cancelled online by the customer. 

3.) Orders not cancelled in this way are still legally binding orders.