Girl Meets Dirt
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About Us
Based on Orcas Island in the San Juan Islands of Washington State, Girl Meets Dirt specializes in single-
varietal preserves, shrubs & bitters, made from heritage rainshadow orchard fruit. Grown by small family farmers
& homesteaders– many varietals come from trees that have been producing for over 100 years, on the remaining
tracts of a once thriving orchard industry..
Inspired by this legacy and partnering to revive it, we make the highest quality, locally
sourced, organic fruit preserves nature and careful craft can provide. Made in an old-school
style that emphasizes structure and pure, ripe, naturally grown fruit -- we classically prepare
them by hand in copper pots, with fair trade organic unrefined cane sugar, a squeeze of
organic lemon, and fresh herbs from our kitchen garden. We don’t use commercial pectin
and rely on time, evaporation, and concentration for set; for us, it’s all about the fruit and
drawing out its full potential.