Maplebrook Farm
Address: 3208 SE Badger Ln Port Orchard, , 98367
Phone: 253-225-0317
About Us
Growing/Production Practices: We moved in October 2023 from 2.5 acres in Port Orchard to 2 acres about 10 minutes south, still in Port Orchard. I grow produce in raised beds. I use organic methods, although I am not certified. I have a small, free range chicken flock for fresh eggs. I rely on beer traps for slugs and hand picking other pest insects or using a soapy water for aphids when necessary. If I have a slug infestation, I have been known to use slug bait on my flower beds (not produce beds) I also use DE at times (mostly with the chickens) I have mason bees to assist with early pollination.
Environmental Stewardship: We try to use a drip water system in my young orchard and for the raised produce beds. As I stated above, I very rarely use poison anywhere near my food crops. I provide homes for mason bees and birds. All of my livestock waste is composted and used in my beds. We do not have wetlands on our property but are keenly aware of pollution of any kind getting into our waterways. We try to stay at peace with predators and help them choose to hunt elsewhere, for example: an automatic chicken door that opens at dawn and closes at dusk, perimeter fencing and cross fencing. cameras and lights, and finally we own English Shepherds who encourage predators to move on to easier prey.