Persephone Farm
Contact: Rebecca Slattery
Address: 9828 Midway Indianola, WA, 98342
Phone: 360-265-1711
About Us
Started in 1991, Persephone Farm unfolds across a sunny 6.5 acre slope in Indianola.
We are passionate about the exceptional freshness and quality of the produce and flowers we offer as well as about our connections with the community.
Wedding and event flowers are a specialty of ours.
Owner, Rebecca Slattery, trains future farmers through a well-respected, often life changing 8 month internship program.

All practices are compliant with National Organic standards, though we are not certified organic. We like the word "morganic" to sum up our principles of deep ecology and environmental stewardship. Priorities for Persephone include minimizing landfill- bound waste through closed loop systems, making our own compost and compost teas, and providing food and habitat for bees and other pollinators by integrating flowers throughout our fields.
We employ low-til practices to sequester soil carbon and enhance soil health.