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Rainbowzen Farms
Contact: Lisa Hurt
Address: 24201 Port Gamble Rd NE Poulsbo, WA, 98370
Phone: 206-866-8111
About Us
I have a small farm, located on Port Gamble Rd, just outside of Poulsbo. I focus on sustainable growing practices using only composted manure and garden waste for fertilizer. I raise most of my own food, including eggs from our small flock of chickens, and a myriad of vegetables. I also have a few fruit trees, and plan to expand my berry production soon.

The vegetables I grow are exclusively from seed which I purchase from verified non-GMO organic sources. The chickens get organic non-GMO feed.

I believe in organic, non-GMO healthy foods. It's what I want to eat, and I hope you do too!
Non-certified organic, Non-GMO vegetables and fruits.