Rainbowzen Farms
Contact: Lisa Hurt and Linda Scibilia
Address: 24201 Port Gamble Rd NE Poulsbo, WA, 98370
Email Address:
Phone: 734-929-8649
About Us
We are a small farm, located on Port Gamble Rd, just outside of Poulsbo. Recently retired from other work, we focus on sustainable growing practices using only composted manure and garden waste for fertilizer. We raise most of our own food, including eggs from our small flock of chickens, grass fed beef, and a myriad of vegetables. We also have a few fruit trees, and plan to expand our berry production soon.

Our vegetables are grown exclusively from seed which we purchase only from verified non-GMO organic sources. Our chickens get organic non-GMO feed, and when we raise beef (depending upon the year) we pasture feed, and supplement with organic hay.

We believe in organic, non-GMO healthy foods. It's what we want to eat, and we hope you do too!
Non-certified organic, Non-GMO vegetables and fruits.