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Broken Ground Farm
Contact: Martin Simpson and Tara Prendergast
Address: 9199 NE Country Woods Ln Kingston, WA, 98346
Phone: 360-731-9503
About Us
Our farm has been growing vegetables, flower, veggie and herb starts and eggs and many of our own seed varieties since 2000. Broken Ground sits just above the Salish sea in the historical farming and fishing village of Eglon on the Hansville peninsula. We sell farm side at our self~serve stand 7 days a week from noon to dusk, 9 months per year. Our Markets include Poulsbo, Kingston and Wednesday afternoons in Indianola. In addition to produce we are launching some value~added foods this year that we will be selling at markets and farm side.
We care deeply for the community that surrounds us, human and non. Our goal is to grow the best food in the least destructive way, to learn, to educate and to live and work in harmony with the natural environment. While making a livelihood for our family, we understand the importance of preserving the beauty and integrity of land we have been generously entrusted to care for.
For over 15 years we have been farming using "Old World", bio~intensive methods combined with modern laborsaving techniques. Our inputs are 100% organic and our focus is on human powered intelligent farming including minimal~tillage, water and space conservation. We build the soil through combined efforts of chicken rotations, cover~cropping and composting farm by~products as well fish by~products provided through a partnership with our local native fisheries. When we do purchase inputs and amendments they are ALWAYS certified Organic OMRI listed. Lastly, we are committed seed savers and have been working with Organic Seed Alliance for the last 5 years trialing regionally appropriate seed varieties, we choose seed varieties from regional stocks of local organic seed. The varieties are chosen for vigor, culinary and historical value.