Britts' Fermented Foods
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About Us
Here at Britt’s Fermented Foods we use oak barrels because we believe it makes a better product. We consider the oak barrel our first ingredient. Other methods are both cheaper and easier, but there’s just simply no match for the vibrant flavor of Oak Barrel Fermentation.
Lactic Acid Fermentation is an ancient practice, dating back to the Fertile Crescent in 6000 B.C., used to safely preserve food. Lactic Acid Fermentation means we submerge veggies in the right amount of saltwater to create the environment for lactobacillus bacteria to ferment them. This process is so safe that nearly every culture has their own variety of ferments; Kimchi from Korea, Plums and Daikon from Japan, Sauerkraut from Germany to mention a few.

Just think how many of our ancestors around the world used their hands to ferment food. At our shop in Langley, Washington this handcrafted tradition roots us as we innovate with spices and flavors in our own unique expression of fermentation.