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Fair Planet Coffees
Contact: Don Manning
Address: PO Box 71 Southworth, WA, 98386
Phone: 360-710-2893
About Us
Established in 2011, Fair Planet Coffees offers whole bean exotic coffee from all over the world. The single varieties and blends we offer are small batch roasted to levels that bring out the best profiles for taste, aroma and the subtle nuances of each particular bean. We offer only Arabica varietal beans. No fillers, and no inferior Robusto beans that are commonly used in some other coffees. We offer the best beans we can get our hands on!
Among our selections you will find certified organic and "Fair Trade" beans. Keep in mind that not all organically grown beans are "certified". We only claim them to be organic when they have been labeled as such by the USDA. Also, many coffee plantations and growers pay their workers a fair wage and are environmentally responsible, yet are not "Fair Trade Certified". Again, we only make that claim when our green coffee beans have been obtained from a certified "Fair Trade" coffee bean supplier.