The Smithshyre
Contact: Erin & Roni
Address: 22119 Foss Rd Poulsbo, WA, 98370
Email Address:
Phone: 360-271-0679
About Us
We started farming 5 years ago out of a desire to do better. Disenfranchised by the current food system and all it's chemicals, we figured anything we could do for ourselves would be good enough. Well, it was a lot more fulfilling than we expected and before we knew it, we were looking for our own farm and The Smithshyre was born! We now farm a 5 acre "Actually Organic Homestead" located in Poulsbo.

The Shyre is home to a large flock of laying hens, meat birds (seasonally), turkeys, pigs, dairy goats and sheep. Our focus has been pastured poultry, which we offer 3 times a year, on farm with classes (see for details). We sell organic fed and raised eggs and pork at Kitsap Fresh, as well as a large variety of produce and fruit.

We enjoy sharing our market garden and berry patches with you and are "Committed" to bringing you the freshest, local food possible.
We call ourselves, "Actually Organic Homestead" what does this mean? It's the way things "used" to be before genetics and chemicals were used to make food "better". We believe that food is just fine the way it is "naturally", so if it doesn't grow well on this farm, we don't grow it All our vegetables are started from heirloom, open-pollinated, organic seeds from reputable growers, no hybrids or altered seeds-. And we love specialty / niche items, if we can find the seeds for it, we'll try to grow it.

Our gardens are refreshed with our own compost and restful cover crop periods. All our animals are organic feed and raised and we practice MOB (Managed Intensive Rotational Grazing) grazing to optimize both pasture and animal health. Access to natural forage and the sun are paramount to our production practices, this ensures healthy delicious birds and eggs.