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Sound Grown Farm
Contact: Lena Young & Michael Davis
Address: 9481 Banner Rd SE Port Orchard, WA, 98367
Phone: 360-451-5073
About Us
Sound Grown Farm is a small start-up farm in Olalla established in 2019. The property was acquired from a family who had been homesteading on the land for several generations, and who also grew using organic practices. We grow a variety of seasonal vegetables and herbs, as well as a variety of fruit trees, and we continue to grow organically as the family before us did. For years before establishing Sound Grown Farm we grew our own vegetables for fun and subsistence; now we look forward to sharing our crops with the community.
We use organic and natural growing methods and products. We use a 4-year crop rotation as well as cover crops to promote nitrogen-fixing to try to limit the use of fertilizer, as well as limiting the prevalence of certain pathogens and other soil-borne nuisances. We are utilizing a low-till/no-till method of working the soil in the garden to preserve the soil ecology and reduce the potential of erosion. We use drip irrigation to directly feed the root zone of the plants while avoiding their foliage to limit evaporation and to conserve water. We do not use any herbicide or insecticide. We believe that practices that positively impact the environment will also positively impact our crops.