Pumphouse Farm
Contact: Louisa Brown
Address: PO Box 85 Indianola, , 98342
Email Address:
Phone: 360-621-8949
About Us
Though I’m not certified organic, I don't use any sprays of any kind, and all my fertilizer is omri certified. I have an extremely diversified farm, practice crop rotation, and my main sources of fertility are organic mulch, compost and cover crops. I do a lot of my work by hand, with minimal tractor use.
I grow many flowers and herbs primarily as bee habitat. My farm could easily be mistaken for a bird sanctuary. They certainly get all of my cherries! I use (and reuse) floating row cover as my sole method of insect control. Because I’m a hyper local farm, use minimal machinery, use no energy intensive fertilizers, and reuse my materials, my methods are extremely low in carbon emissions. I also am very embraced by my adorable village, many folks walk to my farm, and have relied on me during this difficult time as a choice for low contact healthy vegetables.