Tonnemaker Hill Farm
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About Us
The Tonnemaker family grows more than 400 varieties of certified organic fruit and vegetables on a 126-acre orchard located on the north slope of the Frenchman Hills near Royal City, Washington.

We provide fresh, tasty fruit and produce grown in a sustainable way and sold at affordable prices. Our family believes that healthy, organic food should be priced within the reach of consumers. Resources are used in such a way that the land can continue to produce healthy food for generations to come. In a sense we don’t own the land, but have borrowed it from our grandchildren.

Cherries, peaches, nectarines, apricots and hundreds of varieties of peppers are some of the popular items that are sold at farmers markets throughout Washington state. Our fruit and produce are also used by some of the most prestigious restaurants in the Puget Sound region.

Whether it’s visiting a farmers market or taking an adventure to our retail space open at the farm, we want to develop a relationship with people who eat our food. Customers have the opportunity to know the farm and the farmer.