Lost Peacock Creamery
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About Us
Lost Peacock Creamery is run by one strong willed, outrageously over-the top, everything looks better in pink woman; one very opinionated, get out of her way she’ll show you how it’s done, 5 year old; one tough as nails (you’ve got to be with an older sister like him), tiny little mister; and one incredibly kind, patient and really really ridiculously good looking man.

As a Grade A Goat Dairy we are conscious of how our presence impacts the environment and we’re proud to be a Thurston County Green Business. We milk 36 goats once a day and make cheese every other day. Our power comes from alternative energy sources and we utilize our whey by-products to feed our pigs.

We are committed to creating an environment that sustains us without sacrificing the land. We are a certified Animal Welfare Approved farm. In Europe the term “High Farming” is used to reference the perfect balance between plants and animals. Animals enrich the soil, the soil produces plants, the plants feed the animals. As lofty as it may sound, we aspire to succeed at “High Farming” and, in turn, nourish the people.

Our farm has made the conscious decision to raise animals with respect and dignity. We believe by giving animals a free and protected environment they will grow happy and healthy, without the constant bevy of antibiotics, hormones and fillers, factory farms are forced to use. We also believe when animals are raised in fresh air and sunshine (or in our case, rainshine) their milk, meat and eggs are healthier for us.
When you purchase our Pastured Pork or Goat Milk Products you support a working family farm. Our farm is committed to raising good, healthy food, while doing our part to increase the health of the land. The end result is a beneficial food system that encourages healthy communities.

We highly encourage our customers to visit and see our pigs in the forest, or watch our goats in the pasture. A few minutes here and hopefully it becomes clear, we care about our animals and how we are raising them.

We don’t use antibiotics in the animals we eat. We don’t use growth hormones. We’re doing our part to reverse the overuse of antibiotics in livestock, not just for healthier animals, but also to decrease the instances of antibiotic-resistant bacteria that can exist in these unhealthy growing situations (think “superbugs”). How do we do it? Fresh air, sunshine, pasture rotation and good clean living. Additionally, we breed right here on our farm, and we only breed the best. Better genetics means stronger, healthier animals for everyone.

All our animals are raised on pasture. When animals are pastured their meat ends up being higher in health-enhancing fats and lower in the fats linked with disease.