Los Encantos World Bakery
Contact: Paul R Castro
Address: 2712 15th Street Bremerton, WA, 98312
Phone: 360-506-4550
About Us
Los Encantos World Bakery is a Latino owned bakery located in Bremerton, WA. Paul Castro is the owner/baker and is supported by his amazing family. His wife, Marisol, and he grew up in Los Angeles County and eventually found opportunities in Washington about 10 years ago. Los Encantos World Bakery specializes in a variety of baked goods from around the world. Ranging from French Baguettes to Filipino Pan de Sal, their selection of international treats is sure to delight customers looking for something new and delicious.
Los Encantos World Bakery is a Latino-owned small bakery in Bremerton, WA, not only offers a variety of international baked goods but also prioritizes sustainable food industry practices. From using locally sourced ingredients to reducing food waste, we strive to make a positive impact on the environment while satisfying customers' taste buds.