Griffin Creek
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About Us
Formerly known as Full Circle Farm (at Griffin Creek), we grow certified organic vegetables year round in the fertile Snoqualmie Valley. Griffin Creek runs alongside our fields, starting up by the barn and flowing into the Snoqualmie River. It is a magical creek, running cold and fast, that we pay homage to everyday as it is home to our local population of Coho Salmon. It is an important habitat to the spawning salmon. In the summer, the creek is shallow and a wonderful place for the kids to frolic on hot summer days, what we refer to it as “creekin’.”
Our growing success would not be possible without our five greenhouses. In the Pacific Northwest the cool, rainy springs can last well into June. In order for us to optimize what is already a short growing season, we start almost all of our crops in the greenhouses. We start seeding most of our leafy greens like kale and chard in early March and then move to longer-growing vegetables like celeriac, parsley, leeks, cucumbers, summer and winter squash and parsnips. Radishes, carrots, spinach and beans are about the only crops we direct seed.

In the average growing season, we will do 5-6 flushes of all of our greens, including 3 varieties of kale, broccoli, chard, cabbages, lettuces, collards and our favorite root crops beets and carrots. We grow one flush of celery, celeriac, parsnips, radicchio, potatoes, summer squashes like zucchini and yellow crookneck, and winter squash like Acorn, Delicata and pie pumpkins.

The whir and hum of our seed machine fills the barn with sound in early March through June. In one day, we can seed up several hundreds of flats using this wonderful, homemade vacuum-seeding machine. With thanks to Andrew and others who lovingly tinker with and maintain our custom machine, our germination rate is spot on, saving us a great deal of costs and importantly allowing us to get a head start on the short growing season

We have been involved in habitat restoration both in native shrub planting and water quality projects, making sure that our agricultural practices are not interfering with the important habitats of the salmon, heron, elk, bear and even the busy beavers who love to dam up the creek and ditches and help flood our fields
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