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About Us
It all began around thirty years ago. When Anis and I weren't studying, we could be found in the kitchen

perfecting family recipes. Our friends loved our dishes and encouraged us to open a restaurant, which

we did on July 15, 1987. We went on to participate in various fairs including the Bite of Seattle, Northwest

Folklife Festival, Bumbershoot, the Taste of Tacoma and won ten first place awards. While taking part in

the fairs, we began receiving calls from numerous stores requesting that we package our Hummos, Baba

Ghannouj, Karamage, Falafil, Tahini Garlic Sauce and our simply irresistible Garlic Sauce. And so we did!

It was an amazing twenty-five years celebrating with you! Between your first dates, your wedding

receptions, anniversaries, birthdays to the births of your children and birthdays of your grandchildren.

We sincerely thank you for including us in the celebrations of your lives. You have given us so many

beautiful memories. You will forever be in our hearts.