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Dusk to Dawn Farm
Contact: Erik and Maia Ostrom
Address: 2182 NW Rude Rd Poulsbo, WA, 98370
About Us
Erik and Maia moved to Poulsbo in 2017 to produce local food. We believe food provides the seeds of peace, health, and happiness.

We aim to produce the highest quality duck eggs, turkeys, sheep, fruit, and vegetables using smart farming practices. By rotating pastures, using organic inputs, and diversifying our farm, we can create a robust, healthy soil ecosystem.

The farm strives to incorporate all aspects of the life cycle into our operations, so that every step of the way we produce food and a healthier place to live.
We move the animals to fresh pasture often, so they always have plenty of nutritious forage to eat. This also improves the tilth of the land.

We age the waste and incorporate it into our vegetable garden and fruit orchards.