Rill's Specialty Foods
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About Us
Rill Foods is a 2nd generation family run business located in the heart of Central Washington. It began as a rural café and grocery in 1985.

Every day Ninon made hearty soups from scratch, that drew people from miles away. Finally after countless requests for her recipes she decided to put her soups in a package and Rill’s Specialty Foods was born.

We have been selling soup mixes ever since with a commitment to preserving the made-from-scratch flavor that drew in our customers from the beginning. To ensure the best flavor our soups have only the highest quality ingredients sourced from around the Northwest and each is individually hand packaged.
Rill’s easy to prepare packages appeal to the busy lives people lead today. Each soup is created to give you more time to enjoy your meal and less time to prepare. Each package comes with a rich broth and is loaded with flavor so you don’t have to add anything extra, unless you want to that is.

Rill soups are a Washington made product, based in Kittitas County and packaged in the community of Thorp. We take pride in our products and to ensure top quality, every package is hand processed. Each soup is also named after a place in the Northwest. Inside the soups you’ll find a story that highlights the unique history of the area that the soup was named after.

Our hearty soups straight from the Rill’s kitchen warm up a cold winter day and satisfy in the heat of summer.