Hopewell Farm
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About Us
Hopewell Farm is a certified organic family farm.

Hopewell Farm is located in the heart of rural Whatcom County in Everson, WA. The farm is surrounded by lush green pastures for our certified organic dairy cows and is just minutes away from the Canadian border, the ocean and Mt. Baker with breathtaking views of the Canadian Cascades and from the vegetable fields the amazing scenery of Mt. Baker. Our farm's owner/farmer, Pete Dykstra, an electrician-turned organic farmer began raising heifers and growing vegetables in 1982. We then decided to go organic because he saw the opportunity to diversify into a new market and an improved quality of the product we were offering to our customers. In 1997 our farm was certified organic by Washington State Department of Agriculture. Pete's grandfather and father were farmers (father, Jim Dykstra built the dairy and farm house). The children of Dorene and Pete also work at the farm, making the young Dykstra's 4th generation farmers.
Currently we have 16 acres of organic blueberries and farm about 30 acres of organic vegetables. We enjoy growing some of the sweetest carrots you will have ever tasted, broccoli, cauliflower, potatoes, onions, leeks, brussels sprouts, bi-color sweet corn, pie pumpkins, acorn squash, delicata, jack-o-lantern pumpkins, beets and blueberries!

We have made our farm more sustainable through efforts to reduce the use of water by providing drip irrigation to our berry fields; promoting animal habitat by planting trees on our berry fields and at the dairy; rotating crops for the fairy and vegetables and growing cover crops. We choose crops that grow well in our climate and soil. By planting crops and varieties that grow well in the area we eliminate crops that have pest issues. Our produce is offered at a local farmer's market and stores where were have implemented the use of reusable totes when delivering to our vendors.

Our farm is actively involved with our local food bank and the Small Potatoes Gleaning Project. Education is important to us and we open our doors to several community groups by leading tours of our farm to show where their produce comes from and to educate on farming.