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About Us
From top to bottom, we designed our Olive Branch product line to be completely clean label, featuring only ingredients from the best producers around the world; every ingredient we use is either certified organic, fair-trade, or from a source (like our Balsamic) that has been producing the same quality product for over 1000 years. In fact, we currently use no products from China or Mexico, simply to preserve the purity and quality of our ingredients.
We pair this beautiful Balsamic with the finest cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil you can find. Fresh-pressed at the centuries-old groves on the shores of the Andalulcia region of southern Spain, this pure first-press olive oil literally melts in your mouth like butter, smooth and subtle, with the inherent quality of absorbing nearly any flavor we pair with it. Therefore, we slow roast organic herbs, spices, or fresh citrus with this oil to create dozens of flavors of infused extra virgin olive oils for cooking, dipping, marinating and more.