Field Point Farm
Contact: Mary Enges
Address: PO Box 310 Poulsbo, WA, 98370
Email Address:
Phone: 801-920-6965
About Us
Our farm practices are based on regenerative principles, feeding the soil which in turn feeds our hens, and in turn feeds us with strong, healthful eggs. We use only no-till methods to create strong, healthy pastures and gardens on which our hens thrive. We feed fruits and vegetables and organic, vegetarian grains without hormones or other additives. Chickens and waterfowl are treated humanely, with plenty of room and fresh air during the day to roam and forage and protected from the elements and predators at night.
The farm embraces genetic diversity in all things. We continue to create windrows of trees to offer shade, habitat and windbreaks for both domestic and wild animals. We raise breeds of production poultry listed in The Livestock Conservancy as heritage breeds in critical need of protection, including in part our Aylesbury and Ancona ducks, Sebastopol geese, Dutch-belted cows, and several of our chicken breeds. We use drip-line irrigation to conserve water, including in poultry waterers. In 2022, we will "lift" an overgrown wetland area on a far corner of the farm to enhance the pond, attracting and providing habitat for wildlife.