Cadden Creek Farm - Eglon Eggs
Contact: Mit & Olen Cadden
Address: 8591 NE Eglon Road Kingston, , 98346
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About Us
Born and raised in the Northwest, we believe in sustainability and self-sufficiency. We are fortunate to own land in the beautiful community of Eglon. We are happy to contribute to our local food web and supply eggs and other goods from our farm.

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Our ladies are free to forage our beautiful Eglon dirt to scratch for bugs & grubs with a side of fresh organic goodies from the garden or our friends! We practice rotational grazing with our mobile chicken tractor; this ensures the ladies always have fresh pasture and make lighter footprint on our land. We ferment all our grains to boost the bioavailability of the nutrients.

Our feed is purchased and collected locally from several sources. We hustle for vegetable scraps from local restaurants and are always seeking organic grains grown on the Olympic Peninsula & organic feed from local mills in the Pacific Northwest.

We strive for responsible use and protection of the natural environment through conservation and sustainable permaculture practices with a strong ethos for animal welfare. We prefer the au natural; no antibiotics, hormones or pesticides.