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Contact: Shaari Unger
Address: P.O. Box 742 Tytler Rd NE between Hwy 3 and Big Valley Poulsbo, WA, 98370
Phone: 360-536-3895
About Us
Hello from my garden in unincorporated North Kitsap!

We sit on a ridge between Roots and Leapfrog Farms. My products come from my All Natural home garden. I'm big on composting and perennial herbs and vegetables. Our honeybees pollinate everything including our second year carrots and beets. We've got full sun and sandy soil.

My focus this year is on regenerating soils with cover crops of plants particularly tasty to all my pollinators. Each one has it's favorite. The leafcutter bees like the rose leaves for nesting, the bumble bees like the tomatoes and foxglove, the hummingbirds are partial to the fuschias, gladiolas, and sages. Butterflies and their caterpillars are happy with most of the brightest flowers and the honeybees like most things with a landing pad from clover to calendula. For more on pollinators, take a look at my website. I had the opportunity to give a talk to the Kingston Garden Club and my viewgraphs are here:

If your organization would like me to give a talk on growing and using herbs, pollinators, plant based eating, adding vegetables to your diet, honeybees, or gardening, please send me an email to get the conversation started. Use the email address: and Subject: Request for Speaker on (fill in the subject here)

I very much harvest mornings accompanied by the chatter of the hummingbird and buzz of the hives. Everything is picked fresh when you order. Please continue to wash all produce when you get it home.

Be Well and enjoy good health!
Thank you for your support,
Shaari :)
Sustainable gardening practice always. I am an all natural sustainable gardener. Each harvest is done by hand mindfully. Scents of herbs and flowers inspire me as I harvest and think happy thoughts of my customers.