Figuring on Food
Contact: Shaari Unger
Address: P.O. Box 742 Poulsbo, WA, 98370
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Phone: 360-536-3895
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Please note: The price of goods is going up 5% on May 1, due to the very careful handling, added staff, and on site distributors by KITSAP Fresh. This was a tough decision on both KITSAP Fresh and my part. I will continue to provide the best quality products directly from my garden to your table. Thank you for your support.

Continue to wash all produce when you get it home. Be Well and enjoy good health! My products come from my All natural home garden. I'm big on composting and perennial herbs and vegetables. Our honeybees pollinate everything including our second year carrots and beets. We've got full sun and sandy soil. Everything is picked fresh when you order.

Additional thoughts can be found on my young web page Check out the COvID-19 tab.

Shaari :)
Sustainable gardening practice always. I am an all natural sustainable gardener. Each harvest is done by hand mindfully and the scents of the herbs and flowers keep me inspired as I harvest and think happy thoughts of my customers.