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Barn Swallow Meadows Farm
Contact: Josh and Jenny DeWitt
Address: 9575 Barnswallow Way NE Kingston, WA, 98346
Phone: 360-471-7832
About Us
We are a newly established, small family farm located in Kingston. Our primary goals are to grow fresh, nutritious food and pesticide free flowers for ourselves and our customers, while minimizing our impact on the land.
We are not certified but use all organic practices, focusing on re-mineralization and a "soil first" philosophy. We use only organic fertilizers and amendments. We avoid even organically allowed pesticides which do not discriminate between pests and beneficial insects. Cover crops are leveraged for soil cover, weed suppression and organic matter improvement and rotations will be employed to limit build of species specific pathogens and pests. The majority of our farm is forest and wetland and we are adjacent to the 900 acre Heritage Park, so we strive to support and improve biodiversity through our efforts. This includes, among other things, wetland protection, wild "hedgerows" instead of clean fence lines, planting pollinator supporting cover crops and perennials, leaving wild life corridors where ever possible and striving for peaceful coexistence with animals that might be considered pests by some, e.g. beaver, bear, etc.