Shorts Family Farm
Contact: Roger Short
Address: 1720 Center Rd. chimacum, wa, 98325
Phone: 360-301-4443
About Us
We produce 100% grass-fed Angus beef growing on lush pastures Chimacum valley.
We do not feed any grain, antibiotics growth hormones, or steroids
All beef harvesting cutting and wrapping is done on the watchful eye of the USDA inspector food safety is important to us
Stewardship program we have recently sold development rights of the farm to Jefferson County land trust so the property will stay a farm forever
By frequently rotating pastures our cattle learn to appreciate our presence. We reward the cattle with fresh, untrammeled lush grass and clover and they reward us by being easy to handle. Even with over 100 mature cows and over 100 offspring, we know the unique individuality of the herd and they certainly know us. The established bond makes for a low stress environment. We manage special pastures for finishing 60-90 days before harvest to boost nutritional value, flavor, marbling and tenderness.