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In Ancient Rome, it was customary to offer a hazelnut plant, the Corylus avellana, in the belief that it brought happiness. What's more, the hazelnut is represented as the symbol of the Revelations of Divine Love in a 14th century book written by Julian of Norwich, a Christian mystic and theologian.

With the sole exception of almonds, the hazelnut offers the highest content of vitamin E, an important anti-ageing vitamin. As we age, our bodies produce less of the co-enzyme Q-10 - an antioxidant substance that protects our cells from free radicals and enables them to grow healthily. Q-10 is abundant in hazelnuts.

Does any of this mean that if you consume hazelnuts you will be happier, be loved beyond your dreams, enjoy a more youthful appearance, and live longer?
That's where Holmquist Hazelnut Orchards comes in. Our 5th generation family of Northwest farm growers is renowned for producing the freshest and highest quality hazelnut products on the market.

Ever since John Victor Holmquist- with his grand vision and keen foresight, emigrated from his native Finland in 1905 to the heavily timbered acreage of Judson Lake near Lynden, Wash., Holmquist Hazelnut Orchards has been all about growing, processing, promoting and delivering the freshest, highest quality hazelnuts and hazelnut products! Drawn to the rich, fertile soil and mild weather of the Pacific Northwest during the 1920s, the Holmquist family planted their first filbert orchard! Decades later, beginning in the 1970s, Victor's grandson, Gerald, and his family planted additional hazelnut orchards.

Still to this day, our family owned and operated farm reflects John Victor's reputation for unwavering integrity and for building enduring relationships with our customers and with area organizations invested in our community.