Gladden Farm
Contact: Sylvia Gladden & Morgan Williams
Address: 34301 Bodine Road NE Kingston, WA, 98346
Phone: 360-865-0880
About Us
With very few rules our animals are able to be themselves; the free-range chickens have plenty of space to roam and forage, scratching for bugs and grubs, finding good spots to dust bathe, and coming up with creative and often hilarious places to lay eggs. The turkeys make friends with all the neighbors and get into as much trouble as they can on a daily basis, while the ducks enjoy splashing in our naturally fed pond and regularly invite their wild friends over for some free food. The rabbits enjoy tasty bits from the garden and spend nice days in the playpen digging in the dirt and nibbling on the grass. We do not use any herbicides or pesticides on the farm and raise our animals as naturally as possible, letting them follow their instincts and getting their jobs done, whether it be laying eggs or providing offspring for delicious meals, in a calm and loving environment and in a way that never feels like work.

Nothing on the farm goes to waste. The droppings and bedding get turned into compost which adds nutrients to the garden, the garden in turn provides food for us and the scraps go to the animals. Our mobile pasture raised meat birds fertilize the pasture which gets turned into hay and fed to the rabbits who share it with the neighboring cows. Additionally, we collect kitchen scraps from a local restaurant, and dear friends bring whatever they find when cleaning out their fridges. This connectivity and community means less in the landfills and more happy animals and produce to nourish our friends and family, of which I count every one of you among them. One thing brings another, one life gives another. All living creatures here, wild and domestic, are treated with respect and given what should be a right for all of us: food, water, and shelter.

As we are expecting our first child we look forward to teaching them the value of this earth, and how to protect and respect all living things, living in the smallest way and making the biggest difference.