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Walker Meadow Farms
Contact: Paul Doles
Address: 1146 Madison Road NE Poulsbo, WA, 98370
Phone: 206-780-1816
About Us
Walker Meadows Farm is located in Poulsbo on the same sixty acres that our family homesteaded in the late 1800's. We have woodlands, rolling hills and an expansive organic vegetable garden that is certified organic.

We know in order to raise healthy animals and healthy communities, we need to steward our soil. We don't use any kind of chemicals (approved or otherwise) on our farm. We rotate our pastures, not just for the cows but the pigs, goats and chickens. Each species has a different benefit for the soil from the pigs digging up the weed roots and tilling in the vegetable gardens to chickens scratching to get bugs that damage our veggies to the cows that graze the pastures and the cover-crops thereby encouraging root growth. And then... they move. All of them and its quite the zoo if someone gets out! Keeping animals in the same pens, even if it is outside, encourages parasites and can damage the soil.

We realize that good soil health is a great benefit to the environment and in this time we need to find more ways to nurture our planet by doing our part by keeping our farm healthy.