Wings Like Eagles Farms, LLC
Contact: Nicole Grant, James Grant, Mirtha Grant
Address: 11775 Olympic View Rd NW Silverdale, , 98383
Email Address:
Phone: 509-701-4913
About Us
We believe that the earth is the Lord's and all it's fullness thereof. That being said, even in a broken world we do our best to be stewards of the land and the of the creatures that God has given us to take care of. We also believe in serving well anyone we come in contact with- and in this context through the food we grow by providing the most tasty, and most nutritious, product that we can.

We grow our gardens and fruit trees/vines without artificial additives and try to keep the areas weed free by hand (not always the case as sometimes those weeds can just hang out and not do damage to certain plants that are growing anyway. :) )!

We feed our cattle hay and grains grown by a farmer that uses sustainable practices and to the best of his knowledge without GMOs or pesticides. The grains we use to supplement the beef are a barley/triticale mix (with molasses and mineral designed for beef cattle) and spent brewer's grains.
Ditto to the Growing/Production Practices description...

Also, we believe stewardship means caring for, and utilizing, all one has been given to care for one's family, local community, and world. We hope that by using sustainable practices and by considering the actual needs of both animals and plants that we are able to meet the actual needs of people for the purpose of glorifying God.