Stangel Bison Ranch
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About Us
Stangel Bison Ranch is a family owned and operated ranch that has been proudly providing the Pacific Northwest with premium bison meat for over 40 years. Our bison are 100% grass fed/finished and raised using holistic and sustainable ranching practices. We take great pride in providing the best for our bison, family, and customers.

The Stangels come from a long line of farmers/ranchers who migrated to Enterprise, Oregon, in 1958. Stangel brothers, Joe, Bob, and Dick formed a partnership originally consisting of dryland grain and cattle production, and the operating of a machine shop. Bob has managed the farm/ranch portion of the partnership, which first acquired bison in 1979. Dejected by the cattle market, Bob began transitioning to bison and by 1987, the cattle were all sold. Two of Bob’s daughters, Theresa and Marta (who grew-up helping on the ranch), now work full-time alongside their dad on the ranch. The ranch is now a 100% grass-fed and finished bison operation.
Stangel Bison Ranch is dedicated to producing and selling humanely, holistically, and sustainability raised 100% grass-fed and finished bison of the highest quality to support and benefit our families, employees, community, and customers, while improving our lands for future generations.