Gast Family Dairy
Contact: Leslie & Kevin Gast, Tanya Baker
Address: P.O. Box 561 Mckenna, WA, 98558
Email Address:
Phone: 253-377-6551
About Us
A family owed and operated USDA Certified Grade A Raw Goat Milk Dairy. We are located in Roy WA and have a selection of dairy breeds that we feel offer the best tasting milk available. We have Golden Guernsey, Nubian, LaMancha, and American Alpine does.
As most farmers we share our property with our animals and so we are dedicated to keeping it healthy for all of us. We supply the freshest, non GMO grain and non sprayed, locally sourced hay that we haul ourselves. Our "girls" are able to forage on the surrounding property and are not barn raised. They do have shelter but they are not locked up all the time. This year we turned a new leaf and all our kids have been left with their mommies until weaning time. No bottle babies! We started sharing the milk while letting the does learn how to be moms and everyone seems to be very content.