Abundantly Green Certified Organic Farm
Contact: Marilyn Holt & Clifford Wind
Address: 1146 NE Madison Rd Poulsbo, WA, 98370
Email Address:
Phone: 360-692-2504
About Us
Our family owned certified organic farm is dedicated to living gently on this Earth. We grow our produce sustainably, and raise our animals ethically on pasture in the great outdoors. Our produce and chicken are certified organic; however we decided that it would be better for the health and welfare of our laying hens, pigs, and cattle if they were not certified. We are strong advocates of local food, and are glad for the opportunity to provide healthy produce, meat, and eggs to our neighbors in Kitsap County, as our family has done since 1892.
Being certified organic by the WSDA/USDA is the launch point for our farming practices. We prefer to plant heritage seed varieties for our produce, and pasture. We use no pesticides, herbicides (even those allowed), treated or genetically modified seed. As is practical for our crop rotation, we are building permaculture into our truck garden. We also support or create conservation areas that provide nectar for our apiary honey bees, and provide protected areas for pollinators and birds. We have a farm where you can visit your vegetables and our farm animals.