Harsh Farm
Contact: Levi Harshman
Address: 744 firglade ct nw Bremerton, , 98311
Email Address:
Phone: 360-710-8281
About Us
Located in Central Kitsap, Harsh Farm is a micro farm in an urban setting. We produce microgreens, baby greens, baby root vegetables, cut flowers, and herbs. We're an all season farm with a modern approach to agriculture. Being a small farm, we're able to focus on quality. Our goal is to provide our community with nutrient dense produce to improve health, and quality of life.

Microgreens, similar to sprouts, are some of the most nutrient dense foods available. Most have an intense flavor profile that resemble their mature plant state, yet can harness up to 400 times more nutrients. Each microgreen variety has its own concentrated nutrient profile. We grow most of our microgreens to the cotyledon stage. A cotyledon is part of the embryo within the seed of a plant and becomes the first leaves of the seedling. The energy stored in a seed is enough to sustain the plant through it's beginning stages of life. We harvest that energy for you to consume.
Our farm takes a pure approach to growing. We rely on natural techniques to achieve the highest quality produce. We never use any chemicals, EVER. We're a pesticide free farm and prevent pests mechanically with insect netting. Harsh Farm only uses organic, natural inputs and soil amendments. We source only non-GMO seeds, and purchase organic whenever possible. Our strict sanitation processes ensure you get safe produce of the highest quality, every time. You can feel good about feeding your family Harsh Farm produce.