Underground Produce
Address: 1134 Bloomington Ave. Bremerton, ,
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Phone: 847-284-0678
About Us
Underground Produce is a 1/3 acre urban farm located in Bremerton with 15 raised beds, a greenhouse, a propagation house, cooling shed, and wash-pack station. All production practices are organic. All products purchased for the farm and used in production are OMRI-certified. Intercropping is used in Integrated Pest Management practices. Neem Oil has been sprayed in the past to help prevent aphid infestations on brassica plantings. Tilling and weeding are all done by hand. The farm uses a drip irrigation drawing water from rain barrels. Electricity is generated by solar panels. Compost is generated in outdoor bins on site.
Underground Produce aims to be a beacon of environmental stewardship practices in the community, demonstrating how one can grow organic produce in a small, urban environment while taking care of the land on which is grows. I strive to care for the land in such a way that I am putting back everything I am taking, focusing on building a biodiverse environment rather than relying on pesticides or herbicide to manage my space, and generating compost to use in future seasons. The property relies on solar panels for electricity and uses rain barrels for irrigation purposes.