Revolution Farms
Contact: DinaMarie & Stoane Loudenslager
Address: 15871 Glenwood Rd SW, Port Orchard 98367 Port Orchard , WA, 98367
Email Address:
Phone: 360-810-0055
Website: Rev.Farm
About Us
We began our growing journey in Minneapolis, MN in 2015. Minneapolis is known to growers for their hard clay soil, harsh winters and short growing season.
Fed up with mowing the lawn - we decided to begin building our urban farm dream.
Through trial and error - we built the soil using our home vermicompost farm and organic nutrients.
Our first season we grew in pots, most of our plants failed and we learned that squirrels love stealing eggplant.
The next season we got serious and ripped out the front lawn, building raised beds over the area and creating 100 sqft of growing space. With much better results and a noticeable impact on our food bill, we tripled our growing space for the following season.
We loved growing our own starters and seedlings and added 6 laying hens - our urban farm was taking shape.
Last year we knew we had maximized our growing space - the experience had brought us closer as a family - yet we still wanted more.
We wanted to grow not only for our family but for yours too.

We searched far and wide for the perfect farm home for the next phase of our revolution.

We found our home through WA Farm Link, Rokalu Farms, a beautiful 26 acre established farm property in Port Orchard.
We currently lease 1.5 acres and are building our farm dream, one seed at a time using natural, honest growing methods.
We live on property and spend each day caring for our crops and further connecting to our new farmland and our community.
Come say “Hi” to your new neighbor and farmer!

*All photos for products listed for sale are our own produce. We never use stock photos.
We pride ourselves on growing under honest, naturally grown practices that minimize waste and build clean soil. We believe in only using organic fertilizer and compost- we never use pesticides or chemicals on our farm. The only thing ever sprayed on our food is clean, well water.
We package in Compostable Clamshells, an investment that we believe best aligns with our mission to reduce single-use plastics. Our Salad bags, while not compostable they can be re-used multiple times. We will continue to pursue a compostable solution for our bags as well.
We welcome feedback from our customers!
If you’d like to visit our farm and learn more about our clean food Revolution, feel free to contact us - we would love to have you join us for a tour!

*All photos for products listed for sale are our own produce. We never use stock photos.