Shroom Shack by Home on the Raines
Contact: Daniel and Jennifer Raines
Address: 37828 Hansville Rd. NE PO Box 363 Hansville, WA, 98340
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Phone: 360-297-1271
About Us
Dan and Jennifer Raines, aka Home on the Raines, bought their dream home and property in May 2017 and have loved it ever sense. With 2.5 acres located near Point No Point, surrounded by the Puget Sound and in the shadow of the Olympic Mountains, Home on the Raines is a mushroom farm producing beautiful Shiitake, Oyster, and soon, Lions Mane and other gourmet mushrooms. We're an all season farm with a modern approach to growing. The process we have adapted is Low Tech. Gourmet Mushroom Cultivation. Our goal is to produce delicious, healthy, clean, and pesticide free gourmet mushrooms for our local community.

Mushrooms are not only good to eat, they are also good for your health. Mushrooms are well documented as a superfood, and one of the most health-promoting foods on the planet. For millennium, mushrooms have been sought after for their reputation to, among many other things, aid in heart health, brain function, bone strength, and contains compounds assisting with activating the individuals own immune system to prevent, hinder and fight many diseases that have plagued humans throughout history. Many recent studies have only begun to discover that many if not most of these intuitive attributions are actually true. All this, and they taste great too! This is why we love learning about, cultivating, and offering these amazing morsels to our community.

Our mushrooms are grown on organic rye and straw locally source in Kitsap County. Fully developed mushrooms are picked at the peak of freshness, and sold within 1-2 days of harvest. We use organic processes, and add no additional fertilizers to the substrate. All spent substrate is composted for garden use or future outdoor mushroom growing. We have a goal to be a "no waste" farm, and continue to research and test ways to meet this goal.