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Anchor Oats' mission is to create hearty, healthful, and natural oatmeal products, using high-quality ingredients, designed to fit into our customers' busy and active lifestyles. We produce everything by hand in small batches to create the best premium oatmeal and overnight oats on the market. Our key product lines include traditional hot oatmeal, overnight oats, and yogurt mix-ins and toppings made with oats. All products are a dry mix, just add milk or water to prepare.
The Anchor Oats Walnut Raisin Oatmeal was the inspiration for starting Anchor Oats.The idea for creating an oatmeal company came from a trip on our boat, the Piave, our 104-year-old wooden boat. I created a hearty, healthy oatmeal for breakfast to bring on our boat trip because I couldn’t find anything like it ready-made. My husband said, "Hey, you should sell this". At the same time I was making my own overnight oats everyday to take to work for a filling, healthy breakfast, again because there wasn't anything ready-made in local markets.