Between Two Firs Farm
Contact: Myra Zocher
Address: 7253 NE New Brooklyn Rd. Bainbridge Island, WA, 98110
Email Address:
Phone: 206-940-7981
About Us
The farm was designed with permaculture practices and will eventually be a model 'food forest' soon. We adhere to organic practices where the soil is fed which in turn feeds our productive plants and trees. With our one-year-old 26' Growing Dome greenhouse starting to produce tropical and subtropical fruits and vegetables we hope to be a model demonstration farm for all that wish to learn and replicate what can be accomplished in our Mediterranean growing climate.
We believe that growing your own fruits and vegetables is possible on the peninsula and have developed organic stewardship practices that will support native plants, trees, and wildlife for us and for future generations. Based on our increase in birds, wildlife, and habitat here at the farm we have met our original goal of being an example of how micro-farm practices can lead to increased food production and local, quality food for people and animals alike. The solar addition four years ago has reduced our electricity inputs to about 50% of annual needs for the farm.