Blackjack Valley Farms
Address: PO Box 729 Port Orchard, WA, 98366
Email Address:
Phone: 360-731-3382
About Us
Pasture based products.

Grade A Raw Cow Milk from Holstein & Guernsey cows.

Chicken (Seasonal) pasture raised corn/soy free.

Pork pasture raised.

Rabbits all raised at the farm.

We use no commercial fertilizers or chemical sprays. We compost manure from the dairy to spread on the fields.

Antibiotics are not used unless absolute emergency. Though we find the animals are pretty healthy being raised outside and do not require much medical care.

No medicated feeds are used on young stock, chicks or piglets.
Rotation of fields. No chemical fertilizers/chemicals used. We compost all manure to return nutrients back in the soil.

No hormones, or antibiotics used, or medicated feeds in young stock.

We only sell meat from animals raised by our own hands.