Wild Tower Farm
Contact: Keyla Beebe
Address: 9550 NE Shipping Lane Kingston, , 98346
Email Address:
Phone: 360-550-6179
About Us
Named after the water tower turned house out in Eglon, Wild Tower Farm aims to steward the land in an ecological manner while producing nutrient-dense food and medicine for the community. With less than a quarter acre in production, we grow culinary and medicinal herbs alongside vegetables
One of the core farm goals is restoring the property ecosystem, with a strong focus on soil health. This means no-tillage, keeping soil covered (in plants or mulch), and beyond organic practices. In our first year of farming this land that looks like sheet mulched beds, bio-intensive plantings, cover cropping, and only using natural amendments. We are also working to expand perennial and native environments around the property including a hugel mound and native plant nursery. I love to talk about my growing practices and other farmers that have influenced me so please reach out at any time!