Around the Table Farm
Address: 20322 Pugh Rd NE Poulsbo, WA, 98370
Email Address:
Phone: 360-473-8379
About Us
We are a small mixed power farm, using extensive people power and on a more limited basis both tractor/rototiller and draft horse for larger field work projects. When talking to customers, we typically tell them that our practices all fall within the organic certification requirements but we do not currently have any certifications. All of our on farm inputs are certified organic and we strive to use certified organic seed whenever possible. We grow all of our own plant starts with the exception of strawberries and early season sweet onions. We also use certified organic potting soil for all of our propagation.
Our farm is also our home and so we are passionate about making our land a diverse space with a mix of trees, native plants, forest and open fields. One of the long term projects we are working on is the reintroduction of native species to our farm field edges and in our forest as well. We make extensive use of over wintered cover crops for organic matter, soil conservation, weed suppression and graze for our pastured poultry. We are also very committed to crop rotation and keep detailed records and field maps in order to decrease the chances for soil born disease and pest buildup and nutrient depletion. We are also in the process of creating several water catchment systems in order to shrink our own water cycle and continue to help the farm provide for itself.