Lemon Acres
Contact: Rebecca Kusche
Address: 8415 SE Willock Rd. Olalla, WA, 98359
Phone: 406-550-2607
About Us
We farm with organic practices of not using any chemicals on foods we grow. We fertilize our fields with composted goat, chicken, and cow manure each fall and then let the fields rest over winter. In spring we gently fork our beds over and then plant when the soil is warm enough. We do not till our fields to allow the soil to naturally regenerate. We use straw for weed management and do not use any insecticides. Our chickens and ducks’ free range every day with access to green grass and weeds. They are supplemented with certified organic feed. Our goat milk soap is made with goat milk produced on our farm. Our goats free range with plenty of access to the fields and woods for browsing. They are supplemented with high quality hay and alfalfa. All our soaps contain certified organic oils.
At Lemon Acres we work to restore the soil by removing carbon from the atmosphere and increasing biodiversity to do our small part to reverse climate change. We use a no-till practice helping the ground to better absorb water to prevent runoff and soil erosion. We rotate our farm animals on pastures to prevent over grazing, and we don't use any chemicals in our farming practice. We work to protect pollinators by increasing wildflower production on some of our fields and we don't treat our animals with antibiotics unless medically necessary. If this happens, they are pulled off the fields and milk withheld from soap for a couple of weeks.