Petal & Pitchfork Farm
Contact: Stacy and Kelsey Marshall
Address: 2558 NW Sherman Hill Rd Poulsbo, WA, 98370
Email Address:
Phone: 360-908-2100
About Us
We are a family farm of fifteen acres; nine as forested wildlife habitat and six as historic homestead/orchard/fields/pasture. Our objectives in purchasing this property were to preserve agricultural/forest land in beautiful Kitsap County, this place we’ve called home since 2000, to be a part of - and to help feed - our community, and to return to our rural roots, having migrated to the Pacific Northwest from rural Iowa twenty-five years ago. We homeschool our ten year old son who takes great pride each morning in tending to the large flock of chickens who lay our beautiful pasture/orchard-raised eggs. This is his passion. Our flock is a vital part of a dynamic system here at our farm; they feed the orchard trees, gardens and soil and through foraging, decrease pressure from pests. In turn, our hens produce gorgeous, multi-colored eggs with vivid orange yolks from the kitchen scraps, garden waste, ground fruit, insects and organic feed they consume. A half acre of our two acre pasture is actively in production as a cut flower field and another half acre is under cultivation with perennials and produce. We have plans to convert the remaining portion of our pasture into a food forest with fruit and nut trees comprising the upper canopy and herbaceous perennials, berries, vines, fungi and tubers in the understory. Our extended family and friends - young, old, and some reliant on wheels - help throughout the week with the many projects on the property in exchange for connection, conversation, hands in the soil and eggs and produce for their families. We couldn’t make this work without them. We love it here. We love to grow food. We love to grow flowers. We love to care for our creatures. We love our community and we are incredibly grateful for your support.
We are committed to a sustainable, organic approach and are incorporating permaculture practices, focusing on a whole, closed-looped system, as we continue to understand and work the land. Carbon sequestration/farming, bio-char production, food forest cultivation, and building healthy soil are all primary facets of our approach to the stewardship of this land.