Topinka Farms
Address: 3231 NE Totten Road Poulsbo, WA, , 98370
Email Address:
Phone: 206-636-1243
About Us
Topinka Farms is a self-contained hydroponic farm located in Poulsbo, WA. Our mission is to provide the freshest and highest quality leafy greens to the local community 365 days a year.

Topinka Farms uses a recycled shipping container to grow and harvest hydroponic leafy greens.

During these uncertain times, Topinka Farms is committed to being part of the solution by supporting the local community. For every two heads of lettuce purchased, Topinka Farms will donate one head of lettuce to the local food bank.
What is unique about growing hydroponically in a self-contained environment?

- No herbicides or pesticides
- Year-Round Availability
- Ultra fresh and flavorful crop
- Eliminated risk of crop disease caused by soil or animals
- Minimally handled crop and when necessary, only handled with gloves
- Self-contained Environment.

This also allows Topinka Farms to have an impact on the environment by conserving water, producing a higher yield in a smaller space and have the ability to farm year round in any climate.