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The Sheepish Pig
Contact: Tania Issa
Address: 10943 NE State Hwy 104 KINGSTON, WA, 98346
Phone: 425-495-0645
About Us
We raise pure authentic Mangalitsa pigs (also known as Wooly Pigs) and grass-fed sheep/lambs.

We like to say that Mangalitsa is like no PIG you have ever seen and like no other PORK you have ever tasted. In the culinary world, the Michelin Restaurant Guide refers to Mangalitsa as 'the Kobe Beef of Pork." Its a fluffy pig with fanciful pork, the genetic cousin to the Iberico of Spain. Mangalitsa is served by many of the finest chefs in the world. A number of talented farm-to-table chefs in Kitsap, Greater Seattle, Alaska, and Texas are among my best customers. The Mangalitsa meat is very red, with lots of marbling. The fat is creamy and really does melt in your mouth. Mangalitsa pork is very high in healthy monounsaturated fats and also a delicious source of Vitamin D.

Our mangalitsa are raised on pasture and woodlands and their diet includes foraged acorns in the fall and barley for finishing. Our pigs are pretty spoiled, with lots of belly rubs and scratches behind the ear. They are friendly and playful and silly. Mangalitsa are quite different to raise because they have small liters of only 5 to 8 piglets and they grow very slowly, reaching harvest weight at 14 to 18 months versus other hogs who reach harvest weight at 5 to 7 months. The price of our pork reflects some but not all of the increased feed and care costs.

Our sheep are Katahdin and Dorper crosses. The lamb is sweet and mild. Lambs are generally harvested at 10 months. Our sheep and lambs are fed hay we grow using organic practices on Grandma's 80 acre historic farm which has been continually farmed since 1900. We generally harvest 2,000 or more bales of organic hay each year, ensuring our lambs and sheep have plenty to eat, even in winter.

We have farming in our blood. My parents are both Australian and grew up on enormous sheep stations. Our farming goes back many generations on both sides of my family on the Hay Plains of New South Wales Australia and in the Leongatha Region of Victoria, Australia. We have generations of farmers tracing even further back to Wales and Scotland. Our family of 5 boys assists with farming chores when I can chase them down to help on weekends.

Regenerative Agriculture is the key phrase. Our Kingston farmland has a troubled past with a happy ending! Our Jefferson Point Road land was clear cut in the 1990s and slated for a development of 105 homes before it was abandoned by the developer. We purchased this neglected 23 acre shoreline property and turned it into a farm utilizing hogs, sheep, and alpacas to remove decades of invasive growth and bring health back to the soil and surrounding forest. Our farm plan was thoughtfully developed by Kitsap Conservation District.

We have never ever used any herbicides or pesticides on our farm. Our meat animals are never given antibiotics or growth hormones. Because we farm heritage breeds, our animals have natural immunity and do not require vaccinations. We use the most natural practices to raise our animals in a most natural place. And of course, we know this combination produces the best taste for all our meat products.