The Sheepish Pig
Address: 10809 NE West Kingston Road Kingston, WA, 98346
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Phone: 425-495-0645
About Us
We sell 100% Pure Mangalitsa Pork, also known as "Wooly Pig" Small and large USDA cuts: bacon, sausage, chops, ribs, hams, shoulder, belly slabs, whole belly, heads, organ meats, soup bones, lard. Each year, we will have a limited number of half and whole hog shares for custom Growing/Production Practices: Pasture-raised in Kingston on a 22 acre farm, supplemented by organic feed, finished on hazelnuts. Antibiotic and hormone free. Humanely raised with lots of human contact. These are happy pigs who don't reach slaughter weight until 14 to 18 months. I maintain genetics for all my animals as part of a conservation breeding program for pure Mangalitsa. E
Farm plan designed and monitored by Kitsap Conservation District