Nettle Grove Farm
Address: 5550 NE Totten Rd Poulsbo, WA, 98370
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About Us
Nettle Grove Farm is a 5 acre farmstead and market garden in Poulsbo. We grow specialty produce for the discerning chef & food enthusiast.

Our mission is to showcase unique varieties with the very best flavors and textures. Whether we're growing rare Eastern European tomatoes, vibrant specialty peppers, or heirloom beans passed down for generations, we grow the ingredients that will have the greatest impact on your finished dishes.


We use techniques from many different farming methods to get the most out of our space while minimizing the impact on the soil and wildlife. While we are currently not certified organic, we always strive for better-than-organic! We are growing intensively in a very small space (under an acre) so we use hand tools and people power with minimal disturbance to the soil. No pesticides or herbicides are used anywhere on the property and we instead rely on beneficial insects, row cover, and healthy soil to control pests and diseases. Soil fertility is carefully managed with compost, cover crops, and natural fertilizers. Our first priority is always to do what's right for the land, and excellent quality will follow.